The Best Tool for Cleaning Work Boots

Cleaning work boots can be a pain, especially when there’s hardened mud involved. Try this simple, readily available tool the next time you’re ready for some shoe care.

| June/July 2016

Shoe Care

Do your muddy work boots need a little attention? If so, this tip is for you.

Photo by viktor/Fotolia

If you live on a ranch, you probably own a hoof pick. I’ve used many different gadgets for cleaning work boots — from sticks to a dish brush — but nothing really worked to get all the mud off. One day, I had the idea to use my hoof pick, which has a brush on one side, to clean my boots. It works great! The pick is just the right size to get between my boots’ treads, and the brush is narrow and stiff, perfect for flicking away bits of dirt.

This shoe care technique has really made a difference in the longevity and appearance of my work boots.

Kayla Munson
Laclede, Idaho

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