Churches Take on the Environment

| 2/4/2009 3:00:18 PM

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Many people might think the terms "environmentalist" and "Christian" are mutually exclusive. But the number of Christians who are environmentally conscientious seems to be growing. The New York Times recently published an article, Praise the Lord and Green the Roof, about a group of nuns who are living the green lifestyle and have plans to build an eco-friendly convent.

Vineyard Church in Boise, Idaho, is also concerned about the environment. They host a special website, Let's Tend the Garden. And in 2007, the church's third-acre organic garden produced over 20,000 pounds of food for those in need.
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I think anyone who loves the Creator would love His creation. He gave a special agricultural command to make provision for wild animals in Ex. 23:11, and said that not even a sparrow falls to the ground without Him. He was eager to spare the city of Nineveh when they humbled themselves and repented, not only because of the precious people there, but also because of the cattle (Jonah 4:11). Righteous people regard (are concerned about) the life of their beasts (Prov. 12:10), that is, they have only the best in mind for their livestock, and that means running the most environmentally responsible and naturally clean and productive systems.

2/10/2009 12:28:08 AM

Quick!! Somebody who doesn't use gmail exclusively, send this over to The Witches' Voice!! I can hardly wait to hear the Christian-bashers scream ;-) Seriously, I've heard this movement is growing, especially among younger Christians. Heard it referred to as "Creation Care." I like the sound of that... ...just too bad it took 'em 30+ years to stop howling "Satanic Earth Worship!!" every time someone drops a plastic bottle in a recycling bin. Sorry. I'm still tired of putting up with the local Pentecostals, who seem to all either A) subscribe to the Bilderberger Conspiracy, or B) believe it's Satan's plot to keep us from living with our eyes fixed on Heaven.

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