Fagor Unveils Washer-Dryer Combination

| 1/27/2011 11:30:08 AM

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 washer - dryer comboLyndhurst, NJ - Fagor America is pleased to introduce the ingenious washer-dryer combination unit to their line of high performance appliances. These space-saving, smart front loading units perfectly accommodate apartments and small spaces and eliminate the need to wash your clothes, remove them from the washer and place them into a separate machine for drying.

Available in classic white or silver, the units feature a large 13 lb wash capacity, while using only 24" of area space, ideal for taking your clothes & linens straight through the entire laundering process. Alternatively, simple presets allow for standalone washing or drying cycles if desired.
With Fagor's new combination unit, it is not necessary to ventilate your laundry while drying with this unit. Enjoy the peace of mind that the drying system simply condenses the hot air produced into water and automatically drains it away into a separate compartment. This allows for convenient installation anywhere because there is no need to install exhaust ductwork.

A built-in anti-crease reversing system creates an intermittent rotation of the stainless steel drum in both directions. This helps to prevent wrinkles from forming and separates the garments during the drying cycle. When the cycle ends, cold air is applied to leave the garment ready to hang.

Another notable feature is the unit's Advanced Balance System (ABS), which electronically controls and balances weight distribution within the unit. This allows for superior performance, and its robust structure considerably reduces noise level and vibrations.

Other excellent features include an informative LCD screen with 16 programs, including quick wash and hygenizer cycles, a 180 degree door opening which makes loading and unloading an easy task and a delayed start of up to 24 hours allowing you to make better use of your time.

The unit also features programmable spin speed regulation from 400-1200 RPMs.

For those in need of a larger capacity laundry solution, Fagor also offers a line of stand alone washing machines and dryers.

Suggested Retail Price for the Washer-Dryer Combination Unit is $999.00 USD for the Classic White and $1099.00 USD for the Silver. For more information, please visit www.fagoramerica.com or call (201) 804-3900. 

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