Eco Friendly and Affordable: It’s Happening

| 10/3/2017 1:37:00 PM

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Green Toys recycled toddler plastic toys 

As Americans generate 230 million tons of trash per year, as 8 million tons of plastic winds up in the ocean every year, and as 600,000 tons of pesticides get used every year in the US to saturate cotton crops, one thing is clear — what we buy as consumers is having a direct impact on our planet.

It’s a reality that makes us all look at our feet in shame, want to shake our fists at the atrocities committed by businesses behind closed doors, and just want to do something about it all.

But it’s maddening, because all too often, the eco-friendly options on the market are just too freaking expensive for the average person to go out and buy. Unless you’re set with a swanky salary and stock options, organic underwear and fair-trade coffee just isn’t in the cards.

We want to make a difference, we want to empower ourselves with better purchases that are kinder to the planet and support businesses that are putting planet above profits, but how do we do it if we can’t afford what they’re selling? Finally, the market is actually listening.

Affordable eco-friendly fair-trade is bursting onto the scene like never before, and the prices are coming down. It’s not everything, and it’s not everywhere, but these businesses have seen the writing on the wall and are offering products that we can all actually afford.

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Don't blame plastics, find out where the system has failed us and work to fix the problems. The problem is not plastic, it is how we handle it. This is where the problem is. The majority of the world is not going to exist without plastic, figure our how to stop the pollution and you will be well on your way to fixing the problem. Our town did and I consider it a model for what can be done if you want to
5/28/2018 3:22:03 AM

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