Cob, Straw Bale or Earthbag: Which Is the Best?

| 5/19/2016 9:23:00 AM

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Cob house

I love mud and straw buildings for so many reasons. They are sustainable (unlike log cabins, trees don’t need to be felled), inexpensive and the maintenance is a cinch. Three popular mud and straw-based natural building techniques are cob, straw bale and earthbag. People often ask me which I think is better, or greener. Each has its pros and cons.

Strawbale house

Your climate, the topography of your land, and which materials you have to hand are crucial in choosing which technique to use. Building a straw bale house when there is no straw in your area means squandering fossil fuels to ferry the bales in. On the other hand, earthbag building usually involves polypropylene bags – not exactly bio-degradable. Cob is probably the greenest method, but takes time and not the most practical if you live on a flood plain.
5/28/2018 4:12:23 AM

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2/28/2018 8:28:57 AM

I prefer cobs n adobe any day on Earthbag structures....a lot can be tried with Earther masonry. Stones , glass & wood are a lot Beautiful accessories. 🙏🌿🌷

10/29/2017 12:37:22 PM

So I live in NW florida and am researching earthbags building. But here is the kink: The water table in 3 feet down and the humidity and rainfall are very high. I am not sure if earthbags will work here. Suggestions??

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