Why We Ditched Everything to Build Our Dream Log Home in Remote Nova Scotia

| 7/28/2017 12:17:00 AM

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Remote RV Living In Mountains

Do you have a bucket list? Well, we don’t exactly have a list, but a lot of ideas we usually just go for when it feels right. We actually had “everything” you usually ask for: great jobs, steady income, nice home in Germany, little vacation log cabin in Nova Scotia (that we then moved to permanently in 2010). But sometimes things happen in life and you just have to grab the opportunity if you don’t want to regret it later.

At the time we bought the property we now live on, we lived in northern Sweden where we had moved to from Nova Scotia in May 2016. We were still in the middle of renovating the over 100-year-old farm we had bought with a piece of beautiful land on a lake — but something was missing.

How We Discovered Our Dream Property

Having lived and seen a lot of places in the world, we then knew Nova Scotia was the place we wanted to live.

We actually found this property on a website. My husband, Frank, flew up for a weekend, called me, said the property was just a huge woodlot in the middle of nowhere but the lake looked nice, and that there were no other people out there. In short, this was the perfect place for what we were planning — to build our own log home from start to finish.

So, we bought it, sold the farm, packed a container and the three of us (me, my husband, and our Bullmastiff Emmy) started off to a new adventure.

5/28/2018 2:04:12 AM

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