Deltec Homes Offers Hurricane Resistant Structures

| 6/21/2013 12:00:00 AM

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Deltec Homes

The nation's Atlantic Coast and Gulf Coast residents are preparing for what forecasters say could be a very active 2013 hurricane season.

Weathering severe storms is something North Carolina builder Deltec Homes knows well. The manufacturer builds houses whose unique design and innovative engineering make them resistant to the effects of extreme winds and hurricanes. During its 45-year history, Deltec has never lost one of its homes to high winds.

"We understand what it takes to build a home in a severe wind environment," said Steve Linton, president of Deltec. "From design to construction to permitting, we are focused on the details of building the most durable home possible for the harshest weather."

Deltec homes are prefabricated in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Asheville, N.C. The circular style structural envelope of the home is designed and built with rigid specifications into panelized sections, which then are shipped to the building site and assembled. Panelized construction is closer to stick built construction than other forms of prefabrication.
"The precision with which we build our structural components ensures a quick and easy construction process on site and ultimately a home of the highest quality and efficiency," said Linton. "That is especially important for homeowners living where there are extreme weather conditions."

Anatomy of a Hurricane-Resistant House

Weather forecasters expect 2013 to be an above average hurricane season, with up to 20 named storms predicted for the five-month season that began June 1. Up to 11 of those are projected to strengthen into hurricanes, six of them Category 3 or higher. An average season sees 12 tropical storms and six hurricanes. In 2012 there were 19 named storms, including Sandy, the second-costliest hurricane in U.S. history.

Shape: Its circular shape is aerodynamic, allowing winds to flow around the house and dramatically reducing the air pressure on the exterior walls. The low-pitched roof system is angled for optimum wind deflection and minimum drag, diminishing the risk of damage or collapse.

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