Build a Kit Home

If you've always wanted to build a house, but aren't ready to start completely from scratch, build a kit home instead. This article explains all the options for kit homes, including log homes, timber-frame homes and domes.

| August/September 2003

Build a kit home and discover the cost savings and satisfaction you receive from building your own home.

Build a kit home and discover the cost savings and satisfaction you receive from building your own home.


You can build your own home from a kit! Learn how to build a kit home and the kit options available on the market.

With so many decisions to make, thinking about building a new home can be an exciting but daunting prospect. Wouldn't it be nice if you could order your new home from the catalog and have everything delivered to the building site, ready for assembly? You can. Just order a kit home.

Building a home from a kit is not a new idea. Although Sears Roebuck and Company often is credited with inventing the mail-order kit house the Aladdin Company of Bay City, Michigan. began the practice in 1906 (Sears offered their first "official" kit home in 1916). Today. hundreds of companies Still manufacture kit Homes.

Most of these build a kit home packages fall into one of four categories: log homes, timber-frame homes, domes. and panelized houses Some manufacturers offer hybrid combination .An enormous range of choice, exists within each category. A kit home can be anything from a basic starter home, to a million-dollar showplace. All kits arrive in pieces — many, many — pieces-that need to be assembled by the contractor or the homeowner. Some kits fall into a "precut" subcategory, where all parts are factory cut, while others require some onsite cutting and trimming.

Build a Kit Home: Do it Yourself

Building any home can be a satisfying albeit stressful, challenge but building a kit can make the process a little easier because the basic plans and many technical details already have been worked out by the kit manufacturer.

The more work you decide to do yourself, the more money you can potentially save. We say "potentially" because correcting some construction mistakes can be expensive. Learning as much as possible about every aspect of your kit-home project before you begin can save you a lot of anguish later on when construction is underway. If you have lots of time, and are self-reliant, patient and a fast learner, you may he able to do much (or all) of the work yourself. If not, you will probably need some help.

5/6/2009 8:40:41 AM

Houses You can build yourself. Direct from manufacture Patent pending technology. NO cranes needed! Medium skills = affordable -eco home. 900 sq ft under $15,900 dried in kit, soy foam applied & windows included. Look for our advertisement in the next issue of Mother Earth News. appraise like standard house. Respectfully, Dave

3/19/2007 11:48:47 PM

My soon-to-be husband and I really like the idea of a dome home, however, we can not really find anyone that sells the kits to bulid them. Do yall know of any companies?

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