Homeowners Give Themselves a 'B' for Energy Efficiency

| 8/30/2013 12:19:00 PM

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Story Highlights:

  • Energy conservation driven by financial savings, but environmental concerns growing
  • Homeowners care more about staying cool than being connected, with most willing to give up television, computer, and a charged cell phone before A/C
  • A third of homeowners are willing to walk around in undergarments in order to lower electric bills

With the dog days of summer approaching, temperatures will continue to rise, and so will the tempers of homeowners when they pluck that first hot-weather electricity bill from the mailbox. The sticker shock may spur many American homeowners to take action to conserve energy and save money on utilities– even if it means baring their skivvies to stay cool and keep the bills low.

The second annual Lennox Home Energy Report Card survey found that most homeowners attempt to conserve energy but need to do more to graduate with honors in energy efficiency. The research, commissioned by Lennox Industries, a leading manufacturer of heating and cooling equipment, and conducted by GfK Roper, found that 98 percent of homeowners are trying to conserve energy in some fashion to help save money and/or protect the environment. In fact, 33 percent of homeowners said they are willing to walk around in undergarments rather than spend additional money to cool their home during the summer.

Slightly more than half (51 percent) of survey respondents gave their household a "B" when rating their energy conservation efforts, while more than a quarter lag even further behind with a "C" or below (26 percent).

"Most people recognize that they can, and should, improve the energy efficiency of their household. Summer energy costs often hit homeowners hard in the bank account, especially as energy costs continue to rise, so there is no better time than right now to take some action," said Bobby DiFulgentiz, energy efficiency expert with Lennox. "Cooling a home can account for more than half of total energy costs during the summer, but fortunately, there are a few simple steps that can make a big impact on controlling costs, conserving energy, and beating the heat this summer."

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