All About Wood Bugs and Scribing Our First Logs

| 10/31/2017 3:28:00 PM

Tags: off grid living, log home building, log homes, remote living, scribing, wood bugs, Nova Scotia, Canada, Manuela and Frank Mueller,

Our log pile ready for sanding

Just seeing the huge pile of debarked logs makes us proud, but also makes us question if and how we’re going to get all of them set up in time before winter comes? As we wanted to have nice smooth logs, we decided to sand them before setting and scribing.

Sanding...not as easy as it looks

Good we didn’t know that it would take about 7 hours just to sand down one log! And as Frank thought that trees with nice knots and curves would look really nice in a log home and he had picked a lot of those! This made the job a lot harder, not only sanding but scribing and cutting too and is definitely something we’d never do again — even the nice and strait ones without a lot of branches make really nice and easy to work with logs!

All about Bugs

But no matter whether curved or strait, a freshly sanded log is an invitation for “lunch” to all kinds of bugs.

Wood bug on freshly sanded log

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