Green Homes

The ins and outs of green construction and natural building, with specifics on solar design, home insulation and more.

How to Stop Your Bathroom from Wasting Energy

By Jennifer Tuohy

The bathroom is often overlooked when seeking out energy savings, but in some ways it’s the easiest room to inadvertently waste energy. Here are some ways to make your bathroom as energy efficient as possible.

How Sharing Spaces Positively Impacts the Planet

By Megan Wild

If you're thinking about sharing an apartment or home in 2018, consider the benefit sharing a space can have on the planet.

Small-Home Virtues

By Bruce McElmurray

Living in a small home can have many virtues and benefits.

Grow a Green Roof

By Chris McClellan 

Turn your roof into a canopy of lovely plants that will keep your house comfortable year-round.


The Ultimate Home Winterization Tool Kit

By Jennifer Tuohy

42 percent of your utility bill goes toward heating your home. Therefore, taking measures to button up your home for the winter months will conserve both energy and money. Here are 10 tools for effective home winterization.

How to Reduce Your Home’s Energy Usage in 2018

By Megan Wild

Is your New Year's Resolution to spend less on utilities? Here's how to start reducing your energy usage.

More DIY Homebuilding Tips

By Carole Coates

If you're a first-time homebuilder, the author has some tips for you based on her own homebuilding experience.

5 Winter Projects to Help You Get Ready for Spring

By Bobbi Peterson

Take a look around your house and see what spaces need your attention. Here are a few things you can do to get your house ready for spring.