Great Gardening Books, Garden Planning, and the Fight Against GMOs Continues

| 1/7/2013 5:02:26 PM

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  sustainable market farming 

Winter is finally here, bringing the kind of chilly days when all I want to do is curl up in a warm corner with a stack of catalogs or a good garden book.  The two top picks on my new book list haven’t been released yet officially.  I had the pleasure of reading a review copy of Pam Dawling’s Sustainable Market Farming. Don’t be put off by the “Farming” in the title: this book has something to offer anyone serious about food production. The book is well organized and easy to read for the beginner, but detailed enough to be a useful reference for experienced growers who want to bring a variety of healthy fresh delicious food to market year-round.  What really gets me excited about Sustainable Market Farming is finally having details and examples from the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast. 

the backyard parables 

The other book I am anxiously awaiting is The Backyard Parables by Margaret Roach of, one of the best garden blogs I’ve read. Even though Margaret gardens way up north, her blog never fails to amuse, educate, and inspire me. You don’t have to wait until the book is released January 15th to read an excerpt and see if you love her brand of ‘horticultural how-to and woo-woo’ as much as I do.

germination testing 2 

Cold weather and Christmas signal it’s time to get serious about garden planning and seed ordering. I finished inventorying and evaluating the vigor of the seeds we are carrying for our trial gardens. If you aren’t sure about old seed, just do a Quick and Easy Seed Germination Test. Mother Earth News contributing editor Vickie Mattorn has also posted a good introduction to home germination testing.

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