Southern Exposure Seed Exchange: Heirloom Seed Highlights From the 2012 Catalog

| 1/17/2012 3:57:00 PM

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CAUTION: If you have difficulty keeping your annual garden seed budget under control, you probably should not read this.

It's January 12 and I've spent the last two weekend mornings reading seed catalogs and preparing my orders. (Meanwhile, it's about 50 degrees outside, again. The continuing mild weather we have had this winter here in the Midwest sure keeps climate change on my mind.)

I think about 80 percent of everything I have learned reading about gardening over the last 40 years, has come from seed catalogs. Every year I still discover new crops and new growing tips that I am excited to try. I scribble notes throughout several catalogs, intending to pass along the top tips to Mother Earth readers. Then I am too busy and the marked-up catalogs languish in a stack on my desk, slowly buried by other projects.

This year, thanks to my new iPad, I'm typing notes as I go along, while writing up my orders.

Southern Exposure Seed ExchangeHere are some of the things that caught my eye among over 700 varieties in the 2012 catalog of heirloom seeds from our friends at Southern Exposure Seed Exchange (Mineral, Virginia).

*An excellent overview listing 30 crops for fall and winter harvest, with estimated cold hardiness and best varieties, for each crop.

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