Healing With Potatoes

| 12/30/2013 8:58:00 AM

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The week before last, my husband took our dog on his regular morning run through our local Red Rock canyon. On this particular day he happened to trip and fall. Being that our dog had no desire to be the cushion for his landing, he ran on … dragging my husband behind.

When he got home I tried not to panic. He tends to injure himself often. He was pretty banged up with a deep gash on the palm of his hand and a leg that had definitely seen better days. We cleaned the wounds and pulled out the ole staples: tea tree oil and what we had left of Egyptian magic. Later that day and all through the evening he was helping out a friend in retail, handling a lot of cash and merchandise and exposing his hand wound to all sorts of invaders.

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The next morning, we noticed the wound on his hand was tender and red with an obvious red line traveling up his arm from the wound site. I knew some folks that had blood poisoning and knew that it was serious. Immediately we started him on LDM (Lomatium dissectum extract) and did research online and in our many holistic and medical books. Everything we came across said EMERGENCY!!! We try to find an alternative healing option for most things, but according to our research, it seemed that the situation called for something more.

The first emergency clinic he went to sent him elsewhere because they didn’t have a certain antibiotic shot they said he required. So he sat at the “Urgent” care facility for almost 2 hours before anyone addressed him. It turned out they didn’t have the shot and prescribed him pills instead. I filled the script on the way home. Have you read the side effects of these things?! I wasn't quite confident about him chucking the prescribtion, but the red line had begun to fade from our immediate response with the LDM. We wanted to give Mother Nature one more chance before we pumped him full of chemical antibiotics.

Now let me state: I am in no way suggesting you ignore your doctor’s orders for such a serious condition. I am simply relaying a personal experience.

Making a Potato Poultice

We found a story online about potatoes. We decided to try it. We would monitor his condition carefully, and if any of the symptoms got worse he would immediately take the antibiotic. We had organic white potatoes on hand. We peeled and then shredded some of the pulp, and made a poultice type application for his wound. He kept it on for a few hours covered with plastic wrap and then let it dry out. He then followed it with an Epsom salt soak, followed again by drying and then more potatoes. He did this continuously for a couple of days. By the end of that first night, the line had faded dramatically. He continued with the LDM, but also took propolis, ate LOTS of garlic and drank lemon and cayenne water.

2/4/2014 8:30:54 AM

I've heard potato poultices work. It was used mainly in rural areas, where access to a medical doctor was limited. In Europe, a compress make from very strong chamomile tea (very golden in color) also draws out the infection which makes sense since chamomile tea is known to be antiseptic. Of course,I'm not suggesting avoiding the doctor but you can do it on the way to the hospital and while waiting to be seen :)

Rich Turner
1/17/2014 7:48:27 AM

glad we aren't married...you wasted Medical people' time & of course it's YOUR money, you wasted must have plenty, glad he's doing better,

1/2/2014 9:57:42 AM

Healing with http://trifectamedspanyc.com/ is a better thing to do then simple healing with potatoes.

1/1/2014 1:06:10 PM

Perhaps I should also add that we took action right away, which is what I would recommend to anyone for any condition. There are 3 stages of blood poisoning, and we were able to catch it while it was still in the first stage.

1/1/2014 12:52:48 PM

Dear MomKnowsBest. I can assure you, by the diagnosis of 2 emergency centers at hospitals, that he did in fact have blood poisoning, he did not take the medicine prescribed, and he is, in fact, still alive. Also, I believe this is exactly the kind of experience to share on a public forum because I believe in the healing power of Mother Nature. We are here (both reading and writing on M.E.N.) to spread our thoughts and share our stories on subjects like sustainability and living closer to the earth. I am not opposed to conventional medicine, and said so above. However, we as a people are much wiser than given credit for. My husband is not the only one in the world to have benefited from this remedy. Thank you for your thoughts, and Happy New Year.

12/31/2013 3:34:09 PM

This article is damaging for individuals who believe they can cure serious conditions such as blood poisoning with a potato. Had he truly had blood poisoning, he would have died without the aid of the medications prescribed. While i get that this is a personal experience, its one you should keep to yourself, and is not appropriate for a public forum where many people who are not educated enough to know better might take heart and become dangerously ill or die.

12/31/2013 10:37:21 AM

Hi Kevin. I'm sorry that's what you received from this story. As you can read, we did in fact go to the emergency center. Two of them in fact. By the time the "urgent care" facilities deemed us "urgent" enough (3 hours at the first center, almost 2 hours at the second), we had been applying our own remedies both internally and externally all day and his symptoms had lessened. The reason the first center sent us to the other in the first place was because they said that he needed the shot, not the pills. So when the second doctors told us they didn't have the shot after all, we decided to go with our gut and it worked for us. I also stated, that I was in no way suggesting anyone else try this. Just because it worked for us, doesn't mean it would work for another. To each his own. It is simply my story and I'm happy we made the choices we did. Have a great day.

Kevin Haendiges
12/31/2013 8:05:59 AM

You took an incredibly stupid chance with another person's life, even with his consent. I prefer holistics as well, but in a grave emergency I would never discount a proven remedy in favor of a questionable one.

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