Great DIY projects and building plans for anyone who can swing a hammer.

5 Great Tips for Plumbing an Off-Grid Cabin

By Jamie Leahy, North Ridge Mountain Guides

Turns out the water heater needs a, 18-inch rise of double-walled pipe, and a quick google search revealed our local building code required 18 inches of metal piping going in, and out of the heater. So after all my hard work, I drained the system, cut the pipes, and took down the water heater. So what did I learn from this that I can share with my faithful readers? Here's a few tips to avoid cutting multiple holes through your new wall.

Are Straw Mattresses the Natural Bedroom Solution You've Been Looking For?

By Destiny Hagest,

Conventional mattresses are hardly sustainable - here I share my experiences with making and sleeping on a straw mattress, and why it's not as crazy as you might think.

How to Insulate an Outdoor Workshop

By Megan Wild

Your outdoor workshop is likely one of your favorite places to be. Learn how to insulate it before winter comes!

Make a Perfect Headband from Over-the-Knee Socks

By Mary Ann Reese

Using over-the-knee socks to make these 10-minute wonders opens up a whole new world of choices for cozy headbands. Think of it! Headbands for men, women, and children can be charming as they coordinate with your outdoor clothes or practical to pair with your jeans and t-shirts.


DIY Termite Treatment

By Lloyd Khan

We've had (drywood) termite problems on and off for years. A few years ago, I decided to try Greenbug spray, which is made of cedar and natural ingredients. I've been spraying this stuff on the wood where I see termite frass (pellets) and to my amazement, there are no more pellets. The stuff smells great, like cedar oil, and I am just now buying a 2nd gallon (about $60).

How to Build a Garden Aquarium

By Ann Katelyn

In order create a more relaxing environment in your garden, you can build and aquarium and also create an attraction to make your home beautiful. Buying a pre-made aquarium will cost you thousands of dollars, and with the current economic pressures on most people, this is avoidable by building your own.

Yearning for Yarn, Especially Recycled

By Anna Twitto

How recycling yarn saved my grandmother's life.

Making Your Own Knives

By Lloyd Kahn

When I was at the Mother Earth News Fair in Pennsylvania a few months ago, I bought a handmade knife from a mountain man. The blade was carbon steel, which I prefer over stainless steel. It's softer and easier to sharpen, even if you have to care for it so that it doesn't rust. Here are some tips for those wanting to get started making handmade knives.