Great DIY projects and building plans for anyone who can swing a hammer.

Make A Reclaimed-Wood Table Using Copper Pipe

By Vicky Knoop

You can build your own industrial-chic reclaimed-wood table with only a few hand tools, spending about $120 on copper pipe.

A Short History of Woven Boats

By Brian Kaller

Cultures around the world wove boats: Tibetans floated in Ku-Drus of woven wood and yak skin, Eskimos lashed sealskin around their long umiaks, Arabs traversed the Tigris and Euphrates in quffahs, and the Celts of the British Isles — Irish, Scots and Welsh — had an amazing variety of coracles for fresh waters and curraghs for the sea.

Be Your Own Chimney Sweep

By Bruce McElmurray

Learn how to clean your own woodstove and chimney.

Turn an Old Camper into a Recycled Hen House

By Karen Denman

A thrifty homesteader from Oregon transformed an old, junky camper into a snug hen house.


Make Homemade BBQ Wood Chips From Fruit Tree Cuttings

By John Atwell

After you read this handy tip, you’ll never need to buy expensive BBQ wood chips again.

Attach Your Manual Grain Mill to an Elliptical Trainer

By Monty Kaasch

If your manual grain mill turns out to be too much work for your arms alone, consider attaching it to an exercise bike for added power.

Uses for Wood Shavings: Make a Drawer Freshener

By Jenny Mörtsell

Follow this reader-submitted tip to capitalize on small leftovers from woodworking projects.

The Sweetest Ant Poison

By Kirk Miller

A MOTHER EARTH NEWS reader in Texas sprinkles dry molasses on fire anthills to kill pesky (and painful!) fire ants.