Great DIY projects and building plans for anyone who can swing a hammer.

Homemade Garden Shed

By Cindy Conner

If you have a garden, then you have garden tools and supplies and you need a place to put them. Carefully evaluate what you have and what kind of space you need to store them. That allows you to choose (if you are buying) or to build a garden shed special to you.

A Great Wood-Fired Earthen Hot Tub

By Kyle Chandler-Isacksen

How to build a great wood-fired earthen hot tub.

DIY Ring Holder Jewelry Dish

By Karen Housel, Sustainable Daisy

Welcome to the world of repurposing — taking items and giving new life as gifts, home décor, and accessories that you and your friends will love. Follow along the four easy steps to make your own eco-inspired ring holder.

How to Build a Mason Bee Hotel

By Elsie Gibeson

With many pollinators at risk, or on the decline, it is important to protect them in any way that we can. Mason Bees are great pollinators and building them a home to live in is easy!


Nail-Polish Marbling

By Courtney Denning

Upcycle old nail polish by using it in a DIY project: marbling! This craft can be used to brighten up a ton of items, from a plain coffee mug to a decorative cardboard box.

How to Recycle Your Used Motor Oil

By Sommer Poquette, Home Depot

Changing your motor oil is important to the health of your car. But recycling that used oil in the proper way is crucial to keeping the earth clean. Here are the easy and proper ways to recycle motor oil.

DIY Low-Tech Hoop Houses: They’re Not Just for Cold Weather!

By Deb Tejada

Hoop houses have proven themselves to be invaluable for extending the gardening season in both spring and fall. But I didn’t expect to get even more use out of mine during our frequent and unpredictable hail storms!

How to Create an Eco-Friendly Family Craft Room

By Ronique Gibson

Use these three tips to make an eco-friendly crafting space.