Great DIY projects and building plans for anyone who can swing a hammer.

The Mobile Maker-Stream Lab @ People's Tech Convergence

By Willi Paul

Fueled in part by the barter economy ethic, the community's share craft gear offering is for a great cause. Soon the Mobile Maker Lab will journey to more community groups, transmitting new regenerative values and stories and supporting events like this one with live streams and competitions.

Changing Plans and Building an Herb Spiral

By Jonathan Olivier

Off the road for a few weeks in the South, the author employs permaculture principles to build an herb spiral by using spare materials nearby.

A New Spin on an Old Craft Handspun Yarn Gets Its Resurgence

By Jennifer Huhta, Roses and Purls

A resurgence in popularity of handspinning is taking root in the modern makers movement.

The Specifics of Food Storage

By Kate Rowinski

Learn which dry goods, especially for baking, you can store and the best ways to store them for a prolonged shelf life.


Homemade Charcoal Drawing Sticks

Learn how to make charcoal sticks for creating works of art using a new paint can, a campfire, and some small sticks.

A Quick Way to Repair Pin-Holes in Garden Hoses

By Pam Dawling

Save water and time with this easy way to repair small holes in garden hoses. Use parts you probably have at home, and simple tools to fix hoses without cutting.

Building a Solar Power Shower

Build this easy solar shower for the backyard to rinse off after a long day working outdoors.

Building a Biodegradable Latrine

Build this biodegradable latrine for your outdoor adventures, so you can be ready to go when nature calls.