What is the Worst Mistake You Have Experienced Using Super Glue?

| 7/27/2009 12:11:26 PM

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“Better Things for Better Living...Through Chemistry.” Remember that DuPont Corporation jingle from TV? Science has given us burpable Tupperware, sticky notes, Windex and … Super Glue. Ah — that wonderful bonding liquid that can repair almost anything from a child’s toy to grandma’s best china. But in tiny print on the tube is a warning that you must not get any of the glue on your skin or you may have body parts that become glued together.

Recently, a fellow staff person was trying to open one of those tiny tubes of Super Glue, the kind you have to poke a pin into to make an opening for the glue to be squeezed out. Right! We all know what happened next, the pin went in and the pin came out along with a squirt of glue that lodged itself between our colleague’s fingers, which she had pressed together accidentally. She said it took most of the day soaking her fingers in dishwater to get them separated without ripping her skin off.

We’re sure there are many of you who’ve had unfortunate experiences with Super Glue, and we’d enjoy hearing about them. You can post your story in the comment section below.

12/10/2014 7:08:38 PM

Accidentally put super glue in my eye last week. I have eye drops with a pink top. I have inflammation of the eye from time to time. My eye was blurry and I remembered seeing what I thought were eyedrops in my drawer.obviously I should have taken a better look at it. I'm having some real issues with this. I went to see my specialist she gave me some salve. But it's been over a week and I can barely see out of that Eye. has anyone else had this experience? And did you get your vision back.?

2/17/2014 6:07:09 AM

This is a nice and simple . Thanks for sharing....http://gluefarm.in/methods-tips-to-store-super-glue-or-cyanoacrylate-glue.

kris allen
2/19/2013 3:06:37 AM

The best way to remove super glue (in my own experiences) is to have an exfoliation brush or an emery board, vegetable oil, and some nail polish remover (acetone). Dip the paper towel in the acetone-based nail polish remover and swab the spot and as it softens, use either the brush to softly scrub the spot. Continue doing this, and then immediately fill a small bowl (or your sink) with roughly 1 cup of vegetable oil (enough to submerge the affected areas.) While bathing in the oil, use the emery board to profusely scrub the spot until it flakes. Drain the sink, and then using warm to hot water, wash with a coarse soap, and then repeat all the steps from the acetone to this step as frequently as needed. :D

ron briseno
12/4/2012 12:28:35 AM

my wife wants to superglue the post on her tooth that fell out, any danger?

jason sobin
9/21/2011 6:10:33 PM

glueproblem - put some acetone based nail polish remover on a cotton ball, rub on to krazy glue, it could take a while, but it will work. also, after you rub acetone on it, use warm water and soap to finish.

8/13/2011 11:01:52 AM

Unfortunately I am having some leftover of glue on my finger for over 2 months now. Can anyone suggest what would be the best option somehow to finaly remove it.

9/3/2009 12:13:06 PM

I lost a filling about 3 hours into a 14 hour international flight. It didn't hurt and so I just mixed up some salt water, swished it around a bunch and then glued the filling back in. It held well for the next few months until I went to a dental check up. I told the dentist what I did and he just stared at me, stunned like a mullet. I won't repeat how he asked WHY I did that but suffice to say he as not a "family friendly" dentist for a minute there.

8/26/2009 10:30:42 PM

When I glued my thumb and fingers together the ONLY thing that would get them unglued without tearing the skin off was COLD water with ice in it. It only took 10-15 minutes or so. I had tried everything else including fingernail polish remover, hot water, and I forget what all but the cold water worked. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who has glued their fingers together since there are still pictures of my "problem".

8/23/2009 9:36:41 AM

While trying to glue a belt buckle, the infamous 'squirt' of glue sprayed out, gluing everything on my dresser to the top of the dresser. Bottles, jewelry, keys....The keys presented the greatest problem.

8/12/2009 8:34:19 PM

I glued the tube to the car.

8/5/2009 1:52:57 AM

I super glued myself to my fiancee. Not intentionally, I suppose that would belong in a different category. We were trying to repair a small broken statue and the little dropper cap popped off emptying most of the glue on our hands. We tried every solvent I felt safe to put on her skin. Nothing worked. Since I did heavy labor I had thick calluses. I finally shaved off a thin layer of my calluses with an xacto knife and then removed it from her fingers with super fine wet or dry sandpaper, leaving just a thin layer of the dried glue to wear off over the next couple of months.

lynn henning
8/1/2009 11:31:20 PM

Super Glue and Honeymoons........Well, my Honeymoon was truly an 'EYE OPENING' experience for me. After waking up the 1st morning of being husband and wife, my husband had decided to go to the harbor in the Florida Keyes (I should have known the marriage wouldn't have lasted then). But eager to join him, I scurried to the bathroom, showered, and then got ready to put on some light makeup for the day. I reached into my cosmetic bag and got the bottle of 'eye lubricant' (I thought at the time) - as I squeezed it in the air to let the 1st drop come into my eye - I realized something was wrong .... but my brain didn't send the signal fast enough to stop the drops that came out of the superglue bottle right into my Eye! Yes, I had put superglue in my eye, rather than Visine. So, remembering that you should immediately flush your eye with water, I grabbed a towel and saturated it with water and ran out of the condominium to find my husband in the harbour screaming for his attention - and he asked what's wrong - I screamed "I superglued my eye shut" - Ok, well, I was soaking wet, not the typical honeymoon bride you would expect to see, and I hopped in the car and we rushed to the emergency room at Key Largo. Well, emergency room doctors in the Florida Keys can be 'something else'. When I saw the doctor, he said, "Well, I've had people come in with fishing hooks stuck in their hands, I've had people with terrific sunburns, I've had boating accidents, I've even had a woman in labor - but I can't say I ever had anybody superglue their eye'. So, anyway, after hours of sav in the eye, and then going to an eye speciliast and having him pick the crystalized superglue out of my eye, I healed about 2 weeks later. Needless to say, I never packed superglue in my cosmetic bag again (nails, or no nails). Six years later and with a 3 year old and a 3 month old, we were divorced. Gee, I wonder if hi

7/31/2009 9:49:20 AM

Not the worst...maybe the best use I have ever had. I was hiking in Idaho several years ago and injured the thumb on my left hand. To be more specific, I cut it very deeply in two places. My first aid kit was somewhat sparse, but I had a tube of super glue for quick repairs of hiking equipment, etc. I was able to stop the bleeding and once that was done, I put a couple of drops on the skin and held the cuts together for a few seconds. They were sealed shut and I completed my hike without further incident. It worked as a perfect emergency suture....hurt like hell, but sewed it up pretty good.

7/31/2009 6:07:44 AM

It was after Halloween and I was putting the decorations away. We have a 'corn-cob' witch who's head was a little wobbly after being handled for so many years. I figured I'd glue her head back on tight-only having crazy glue at my disposal. I put the glue carefully around her neck...and then she started to smoke! The glue must have mixed with whatever they originally used to keep her head in place! I'm staring in disbelief because even though it's "normal" to see witches and smoke....it's not normal to see it coming out of a decoration's head while in one's kitchen! I took her outside quickly just in case she went "poof"! Laughing the whole way! Needless to say...our witch is doing fine. I'll just be more careful next time...maybe use duct-tape instead-haha!

p l
7/30/2009 6:33:11 PM

That story about the guy superglueing his um... unmentionables was REALLY funny! I 'bout died laughing! LOL Well, my superglue attempts have been numerous. I have glued fingers together, got some on my teeth (don't ask... I get absentminded a lot and put stuff in my mouth to hold it for a minute when I'm workin'). My glasses are permanently superglued together, but then I found that that powder and liquid acrylic fingernail mix works pretty good, better than the superglue, and doesn't get brittle as fast. Plastic sticks good on plastic, I guess... I have superglued my lip to my teeth, my hair to my face, and pieces of paper to my fingers. And on purpose... (evil grin...) I superglued a guy's locker shut when I was younger. He had done something gross and peed in the shop coffee pot where we worked, so I glued up all his cigarrettes so he couldn't get them, using the industrial superglue the military uses. He had to get a grinder to get the door loose. ROFL NEVER mess with my coffee! LOL

7/30/2009 3:13:52 PM

I've used Cyanoacrylate in manufacturing. I understand it was developed for military Medics to use in the field. It was withdrawn because it worked so well, but also enclosed the dirt or other unwanted substances and infections were common. Cyanoacrylate works on the absence of air. (My opinion) and in many cases will remain a liquid until that absence is is made. That is usually why you can glue something and wait a hour or so, pick it up, and it will stick to you. My story is about some very cruel person (people) that put a few drops on toilet seats at the court house. Needless to say a elderly gentleman had the toilet seat attached to his rear end as the fire department removed him to take him to the ER. Another situation at work was (I believe) non-intentional, as someone accidentally got it on a door knob. You guessed it. Someone was stuck to it. Acetone is the best desolving agent for cyanoacrylate, but it takes time and is highly flammable. Please use caution with both. Time is probably the best thing to use to release someones bonding, especiallly skin to skin. Just leave it alone. Your skin (epidermis layer)will deteriate and die quickly, and will release the bond in a couple of days.

bonnie mitchell
7/30/2009 1:59:46 PM

I broke the toe off my garden frog. I had never used super glue before. When I put it on the frogs toe, the glue went all over my finger and glued the toe to my finger. I had to soak my finger in polish remover for about 40 minutes. The toe came off my finger with no lose of skin. My husband repaired the frog the second time, since he was experinced with super glue, with perfect results.

gina j.
7/30/2009 11:03:20 AM

Is there a prize for this? 'Cause otherwise I would hate to cop to this...lol... Once upon a time, I had a horse that managed to cut himself on the upper hind leg, late in the evening, on a Sunday. I didn't want to bug the vet that late, and I was out of suture material. So I enlisted a friend to help me hold the stallion's lead rope and aim the flashlight at his wound. That left me to operate the edges of the wound and the superglue. It was a new tube, and of course it gloobered out all over the place when I punctured it, and I was trying to make a tidy job on my nice horse....so I wiped off the excess with the lid. Now I had the lid in one hand and the tube in the other, and needed a hand free to pull the skin together to glue it. So...you guessed it...I stuck the lid in my mouth. Super glue tastes terrible, by the way. And I did eventually get the lid out of my mouth. Lost some skin. Great story about how I glued my mouth shut, though. Husband at the time was undoubtedly delighted....lol...

7/30/2009 10:53:10 AM

Imagine waking up from major surgery, as confused as possible, and finding that I had no stitches in the incision which reached hip-to-hip! At first, I was concerned that they had forgotten to sew me back up and I was afraid to move (really, pain medication and anesthesia can cause the mind to get pretty warped). Turns out they had used surgical grade superglue! This was before superglue was used widely in human surgery and I hadn't heard of it before.

fred korner
7/30/2009 5:40:12 AM

I was told that super glue or to give it its proper name Cyanoacrylate which is the monomer of all super glues, was developed by in the late 1950's early 1960's as a battlefield wound closure for US troops, which is probably why it glues fingers better than the thing that you are trying to glue. Also most model shops carry a range of 'cyanos' from the very thin to the very thick for a wide spread of different uses and products from poly-foams to carbon-fibres. Also the product that you get in model shops works a lot better and you get more for your dollar than you do from the branded ones that are available in Hardware Stores. So far in twenty years of model making I haven't managed to glue myself together yet but heres hoping!

dale thompson
7/30/2009 12:01:47 AM

We should get paid for our storys

sharon snyder_2
7/29/2009 10:48:43 PM

My sisters dog tore his dew claw partly off. He was whining and yelping, my sister said what can I do. She held the dog I glued his dew claw back and he was just fine.

keith hallam_1
7/29/2009 1:59:05 PM

My pal broke one of the nose rests off his specs. He superglued it back on and left it for a couple of hours to dry. Except he forgot. He picked his specs up after only a few minutes and popped them on. Some time later he went to take them off and pulled away a sliver of skin off his nose. We were working in Saudi at the time with really dark tans, so the white gash stood out more.

7/29/2009 1:24:48 PM

I was asked to give a reading at my nephew's wedding. I was nervous enough, but to make matters worse my dress shoes which get worn only to weddings and funeral decided it was a good time for the sole to depart from the rest of the shoe. Somehow, I managed to walk up to the alter and back (flop, flop, flop) without tripping or anyone noticing except for my wife who was cracking up. On the way to the reception, I stopped at the local hardware store and bought some super glue. I glued the sole back on and had my wife hold it together while I drove sock-footed to the reception. When we arrived you guessed it: my wifes hands were glude to my shoe! Fortunately she did have some nail polish remover and with careful soaking and prying I managed to seperate my shoe from her fingertips with only minor loss of skin... I guess she got paid back for laughing at me so much when we were in church! :)

7/29/2009 12:36:55 PM

I once (over a decade ago) cut my self with an Exacto knife on the surface of a finger leaving a flap of skin hanging. A truly painful wound to heal, so I placed the skin back on and put the glue over it. It grew back leaving only a small semicircular scar around the edges. A few months ago I received a deep gash on my hand that would most likely need stitches, so I super glued it shut until I was done working and could get it looked at. It worked so well, I just re-glued it together for the next week and it healed, not as well as the other one, but did heal rather well.

sheila foy_3
7/29/2009 12:32:26 PM

( Hi Heidi ! ) Once I was washing those windows made of reectangular pieces of glass that move up and down. I pressed to hard and one broke. Knowing that my husband would have a caniption I put the pieces on the marble counter top and glued them together with a few drops of super glue. The glass was repaired but now it was stuck to the marble counter top !!!! I panicked and took a screw driver and a mallet to it trying to get it off - wound up breaking the glass into smitterens and goughing holes into the marble counter top .....................

dennis quinter_1
7/29/2009 9:27:56 AM

My son was building a radio control model airplane. He was sitting on a chair and had is hand glued to the wing, and the wing glued to his lap.

martha weber
7/29/2009 8:22:49 AM

I was in the country with my "mom"; and the crown of one of my front teeth popped off....not thinking, I got super glue...put it on the crown; got it back in place....and my tooth and my fingers adhered together...took me a good while to get the two unglued...I guess the salivia helped...but my dentist was most unhappy with my "do it yourself" tooth repair!

alex mckenzie
7/29/2009 7:49:00 AM

I use a lot of superglue for modelling, or used to, and I've never had any problems other than glueing my fingers together, but a guy I knew got some in his eye: it was a liquid variety that comes in a squeeze bottle, and he accidentally squeezed it getting the top off. It turned out it was under enough pressure, and full enough, that it sprayed. Fortunately, he was OK, but it was a close thing. Oh... and if you glue your fingers together, you can usually work them apart by rolling them back and forth. The top, dead layer of skin comes off on one side, and you're left with a "scab" of superglue on the other finger.

lana carlson
7/28/2009 1:04:22 AM

We were visiting my husbands parents. They were in their 80's and liked everything just so. On accident we broke a chip out of one of those plastic chairs that go on a deck. We got some superglue to secretly glue it back together again. Early in the morning my husband is in the garage secretly gluing and his Dad comes out to see what he was doing. He quickly stuffed the superglue into his jeans pocket. He had forgotten that his pocket was torn out. He kept his cool and told his Dad something. A little later I went to the garage to see how the repair job was going. He was pulling at his pants and jumping around. He had slipped on his jeans without underwear. Oh my! He was glued together everywhere. It was hard not to laugh. This would be funny at any age but he was in his late 40's. I don't remember if the chair got fixed.

7/27/2009 8:41:11 PM

I left a tube of super glue lying on the kitchen windowsill and forgot about it. I heard my then 4 yr old son screaming. He had bitten into the tube of superglue and it was caked all over his front teeth-top and bottom. Fortunately, he did not close his mouth or swallow any. A call to poison control told me to coat his teeth with vaseline and try to loosed the glue clumps or else go to a dentist and have his teeth cleaned. The vaseline worked with a lot of elbow grease. Needless to say, after that I put the super glue away and out of reach and my son never wanted to try biting into "new" things. He still remembers the incident 24 years later.

7/27/2009 1:39:02 PM

I've heard that fingernail polish remover (acetone) will dissolve super glue. Probably better than dishwater anyway.

7/27/2009 1:38:45 PM

I've heard that fingernail polish remover (acetone) will dissolve super glue. Probably better than dishwater anyway.

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