Country Lore: Super Simple Woodstove Hearth

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Building this simple woodstove hearth yourself will cost you tens of dollars rather than hundreds.

You can save hundreds of dollars when installing a new woodstove or gas stove by building your own woodstove hearth (the heat-proof area under the stove). Instead of buying factory-made hearth plates for hundreds of dollars or hiring a mason for even more, you can make an attractive and safe hearth yourself, economically.

Assemble the wooden form and line it with plastic, place fieldstone as you desire and fill the empty spaces with ready-mix cement. The total cost will be $10 to $50, depending on the lumber you use for the frame.

Check with your local fire department and homeowner’s insurance to determine the proper size and location of the hearth and be sure your floor can support the extra weight before pouring the concrete.

Mike Skelly
Salem, New York

Or simply lay floor tiles or bricks over a sheet of fire-resistant drywall right on the floor, and hold it all in place with a frame of wood strips instead of mortar. Very easy and quick to remove if you ever need to. — MOTHER EARTH NEWS