Step It Up in the Garden by Using Recycled Wooden Stairs

If old wooden stairs are no longer stable, you can use the repurposed wood for raised garden beds.

| October/November 2014

When it came time to replace the wooden stairs that led to my home, I wanted to find another purpose for the old wood. I decided to turn the stairs into two raised garden beds. I left one of the stairs in its original form, to lay flat for sitting on or to function as a small work surface.

Melanie Martinez
Marana, Arizona

11/16/2014 5:44:25 PM

I would have thought that outdoor wooden stairs where made from "treated" lumber. I have read many articles warning NOT to use such wood, new or old,in or around any growing FOOD plants because of the toxic chemicals leaching into the ground, than into the food plant.

9/14/2014 5:38:42 PM

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