How to Waterproof Fabric Using Tin Cloth

| 3/6/2013 2:44:52 PM

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This article was originally posted in Instructables and is reposted with permission from Jeremy Dick. 

finished-product-apronEver wonder why some canvas, like the stuff a Carhartt jacket is made of, is so much tougher than, say, a dropcloth?  The secret is waterproof and fireproof “tin cloth,” invented in some year by some guy — probably an American — who needed something tougher than canvas or denim — tough enough for fighting dragosaurs with a claw hammer on horseback across the Great Plains. Tin cloth is that kind of tough. And you can master homemade waterproofing by making your own tin cloth, using these easy instructions.

To demonstrate the wonders of tin cloth, I took a shower in my clothes and tried to set myself on fire.  Allow me to explain.

Step 1: A Simple Recipe 

Tin cloth is made by coating canvas in liquified oils that will dry and harden to create a fireproof and waterproof fabric. My recipe calls for beeswax and boiled linseed oil.Tin Cloth Recipe To demonstrate how to waterproof fabric, I coated my Instructables apron. The reason I made gallons of the tin cloth mixture is that I also needed to coat a 20-by-24-inch canvas tent that I sewed for winter camping. Coating the apron only used about a cup and a half of the liquid.

Materials List  

Equal parts: 
Beeswax (I used toilet gasket rings: dirt cheap) 
Boiled linseed oil 

12/21/2014 8:17:28 AM

so it changes the color of the cloth to a weird beige? huh...

3/30/2014 9:02:14 AM

Great video thank you. You can also learn how to waterproof your shoes here

6/5/2013 7:19:02 AM

Interested in making waterproof fabric for reusable sandwich bags, lunch bags and other food containers. Any danger of linseed oil leaching into food?

6/5/2013 7:17:31 AM

I am also interested in using this for makingbreuseabke sandwich bags, lunch bags and other food containers. Do you know if linseed oil could leachnintonthe food?

rachel melone
3/31/2013 4:00:44 AM

I'm interested in doing this with some cotton for some bibs for my does this handle being washed in the washing machine?

jeremy dick
3/9/2013 1:13:31 AM

No residue at all. It is as dry and tough as linoleum, which is what it becomes. Look on the Insructables post to see all the questions the author has answered.

matthew baker
3/8/2013 11:16:21 PM

Great post! A couple of questions came to mind as I was reading: is there any problem with the tinning material rubbing off on your clothing while wearing the apron? Also, is there any residue on the apron that comes off on your hands while holding it or onto other items you might rub up against? Thanks!

3/8/2013 10:50:42 PM

Great idea!

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