Use Soap for Speedier Wood Screws

Use soap for speedier wood screws. Liquid soap helps screws penetrate wood smoothly and leaves no stains on the wood like oil would.

| August/September 2007

Liquid soap helps with tightening wood screws, use soap for speedier wood screws placed in wood.

Use Soap for Speedier Wood Screws

If you are experiencing difficulties with tightening wood screws, soap is a great helper. I used to carry a bar of hotel soap in my tool kit, but now I use liquid soap, as it is quicker to apply. Just slather some on the threads or squirt a little in the hole and you will find the screwing process takes half the torque. Oil would also work, but would be likely to leave a stain on the wood.

9/19/2007 12:41:58 AM

By all means use soap if you want your screws to rust...candle wax is a much safer alternative and unlikely to promote rusty screws

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