Homemade Apple Grinder Using a Garbage Disposal

Want to make some cider? Save money on an apple grinder by assembling one from household materials, including an easy-to-find garbage disposal.

| October/November 2015

Apple Cider

Nothing tastes better on a chilly autumn day than a glass of fresh, homemade apple cider.

Photo by Fotolia/Joshua Resnick

I needed an apple grinder to make cider, but I didn’t want to spend the money for an expensive, store-bought machine. Instead, I found a new 1-horsepower garbage disposal on Craigslist for $70.

I mounted the garbage disposal in a wooden stand, using the same technique I would have used if installing it in a sink. Rather than use an actual sink, however, I used a stainless steel bowl with a hole in the bottom; this bowl acts as a funnel to help the apples roll into the grinder. I wired an on/off switch in the power cord to control the grinder. I sealed the switch with silicone for safe wash-downs, and covered the stand with several heavy coats of paint to create a clean, easily washable surface. This setup has worked great for my annual cider making.

If I were to build a more “professional” unit, I would consider using stainless steel fasteners, a waterproof switch, and plastic (instead of wood) for the stand.

I made a YouTube video about this homemade apple grinder, during which I explain the dimensions and basic building process. You can watch the full video on YouTube.

Connor Bishop
Guilford, Connecticut

4/26/2016 8:46:37 AM

Another mounting option would be to mount a Stainless Steel bar sink size sink into a section of counter top at a bench, in a garden room or where ever you want to make your cider. Make sure you get a sink with a big enough drain to accommodate the garbage disposal. If you shop at a local plumbing store this sink should be pretty cheap. Put a 5 gallon bucket under the counter to catch cider.

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