Toilet-Lid Sink Combo

| 1/13/2009 1:29:31 PM

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Here is an exciting new product we want to share with you. Years ago, a reader asked if we knew of a source for a sink/toilet combo. Unfortunately, the one we found had just gone out of business.

So, here we now have the SinkPositive – a cold-water-only sink mounted on top of the toilet tank. The used sink water goes into the bowl, so your toilet tank is never filled with soapy water.

The toilet lid sink is an innovative solution that conserves water as well as space and is very simple to install. It’s also available at Mother Earth News shopping and at Real Goods.

We’re sure you’ll find many uses for this unique fixture.


7/23/2009 12:05:05 AM

Does anyone know if this can be used with a dual flush toilet? I understand that the water used by this sink is actually the bowl water, and not tank water. I have also heard that dual flush toilets have less water in the bowl. Just curious if there's enough water in the bowl of a dual flush to make this worth while. I have seen that both (these and dual flush) are popular in Asia. Thanks!

Sam Bennion
2/15/2009 11:52:04 PM

These toilet top sinks are great! They do reduce water consumption and don't have a negative affect on your toilet's function. However, "new product" and "innovative" are hardly what I would use to describe them. These have been used in Japan for years. I lived there from 1992 till 2002. When I got there, these toilet sinks were old. Sushi isn't the only good idea to come out of Japan! :o)

2/12/2009 2:55:02 PM

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