The Dying Art of the Skilled Trade: The Importance of Working With Our Hands

| 2/3/2017 11:22:00 AM

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The age of the entrepreneur is dividing us into two classes of beings - the digital trailblazer, and the heart and soul craftsman. On one hand, you have a limitless arsenal of information at the disposal of the masses, and with it, people are turning soft skill sets into full-scale digital empires, hawking their services and establishing their brand.  

(Yep, that’s me.) 

On the other though, you have a group of people that I for one, am far more inspired by - the group that has or is acquiring tactile skills, and producing real tangible products for everyday life. They’re taking their passions, and turning them into businesses - a leap of faith, in the hopes that the everyday consumer might be able to look past the white noise of constant commercialism to see the beauty in the handcrafted, and the value in the workmanship that goes into crafting these products.



Carpenters, builders, plumbers, farmers, cooks - they’re taking their hands, and applying them to something real, and they’re a dying breed in today’s society.

9/22/2017 7:13:46 AM

Just as a young man needs a job and gets offered a position with a construction company as a tile setters helper. Now 44 years later, is a journeyman craftsman tile setter and home improvement contractor. I have no regrets and will continue to install granite, marble, and tile till the end.

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