Specified Cartoon Work

By doing the artwork on house-created gags, you can turn a big profit with minimal brain drain.

| January/February 1970

You cannot possibly realize how courageous I'm being by simply writing for this journal of the talented. Everytime I whomp up something for these pages, mail starts flooding my mailbox — all of it telling me what a dolt and laggard and poseur I am. Naturally, I'm learning caution.

However, all this talk about not doing cartoons for less than $10 was just too much for me. I've tried and tried hard (it wasn't easy) to ignore it, but I've succumbed at last and must laugh right in your face.

And why am I presuming to be so rude?

Because — as of this morning — I turned out 20 cartoons that will sell for $5 each. It took me all morning to draw them. Kind of crazy, eh? Spending an entire morning earning a lousy $100?

Furthermore (and get this now), the editor wrote the gags. Pretty stupid setup, eh? What's more, I've got about five such editors — all of them editing very specialized books that badly need at least four technical cartoons a month, each doing their own gag writing — and assigning the artwork to me.

It can't be done? Want to bet cash on it? Hell, there are many such editors who would be delighted to have a cartoonist (one whose style they prefer, of course) do the artwork on special gags. This is becoming a very commonplace method, in freelance cartooning — just in case you've been so busy spec-freelancing you've failed to hear about it.

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