Make a Scarecrow Doll From Cornhusks

Nancy Bubel continues her introduction to crafting homemade cornhusk dolls using the same basic methods to craft a scarecrow doll.

| September/October 1975

Just as I was about to wrap up my other article on cornhusk dolls, we stumbled on another way to create little figures from the same raw materials. These variations on the theme — "scarecrow people", we call them — are closer to the original folk version that was made as children's playthings. They're cruder than the type I've described in the accompanying article, but sturdy and full of personality . . . and, since they're dressed in odds and ends of cloth, you can achieve subtle variations in character by means of costume.

In fact, although scarecrow people are easily made by children, the fun of clothing them in scraps makes this an addictive adult craft too. I've been constructing one doll every evening after milking and now have a basketful of assorted characters . . . most of whom I can't bear to sell. Since I've promised a dozen to a gift shop and another dozen to a craft fair, I'll have to keep myself from getting too attached to the next batch.

How to Make a Scarecrow Doll From Corn Husks

The following materials are all you'll need to people your house, barn, or cabin with lively scarecrows:

[1] Cornhusks and silk

[2] White glue

[3] String and thread

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