How to Make A Rubber-Band Rifle

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A rubber-band rifle can be lots of fun, both to make and to shoot, with your kids.
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A part of the rubber-band rifle.
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A side board for the rubber-band rifle.
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A side board for the rubber-band rifle.
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The holding pin for the rubber-band rifle.
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The trigger assembly details for the rubber-band rifle.

When your youngsters are forced to stay inside — either by subzero temperatures that make outdoor play a “minutes at a time” venture or by unseasonably warm days that leave every snowsuit in the house soaked before noon — the old homestead can get to feeling pretty danged small. However, this simple project (which could be used to teach a few shop skills to the children) will produce a toy that’ll keep the most restless lads enthusiastically occupied.
Of course, some people don’t keep firearms themselves, and — understandably — don’t want their children to have toys that simulate such weapons. But, if you’re one of the many who do keep a gun or two around the house, you probably know that it’s never too early to teach your youngsters to respect such tools and to treat them safely. This little rubber-band rifle can go a long way toward instilling good, safe shooting habits at an early age. And when Mom and Dad see how much fun their offspring are having — knocking down paper cups or making balloons dance along the floor — chances are the big folks will be eager to get into the games themselves!


3/4-by-3 1/2-by 27 inch board

Wooden spring-type clothespin


Small nails

wood screws

Rubber bands