Where Do You Rest When the Garden Work Is Done?

| 4/29/2010 4:07:31 PM

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203-035-01.jpgWhen the garden and yard work is done each day, where is your favorite place to sit for a spell? Do you plop down on a convenient bench, settle into your favorite Adirondack chair or stretch out in a rope hammock? Each is a great place to rest, recount the day’s challenges and celebrations, and plan for tomorrow.

If you have a favorite resting place, share it in the comments section below.


5/6/2010 5:44:19 PM

I love to sit in my glider on the deck overlooking my 2 new 12x4 raised beds my husband and I made. Along side the garden is a dripping bird bath that draws loads of birds, cardinals, robins, mourning doves,wrens, house finches and even a pair of orioles lined up for a refreshing splash. As the sun goes down the male cardinal goes to the upper tree bough and seranades the neighborhood a sweet good nite till the morning comes again.

5/6/2010 5:03:33 PM

I have 2 wood chairs that I take from home to home that end up in my Garden area,That is where I unwind every day,With a little chimney that I built I stay warm morning and night.

5/5/2010 8:10:28 PM

My wife and I like to walk the 1/8 mile down to the pond at the end of a day of planting or preparation. And sit. And feed the fish. And sit. And watch the sunset. And sit. And plan the next days activities. And sit. And watch the bats come out. And sit. And listen to the frogs serenade. And sigh.

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