DIY Repurposed Magnets

| 12/8/2015 10:28:00 AM

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I have lots of small treasures hidden within the drawers of my armoire, or dwelling within depths of my bed-side storage. They are collections of trinkets from my childhood; pretty jewelry that have lost a few gems and bags of sea-glass that I've picked up from the beaches of my college-town. I wanted to think of ways to place these types of special items into the open instead of hidden in boxes that I only occasionally open and come across. That’s when I decided to place them on an appliance I frequent daily — the refrigerator!

I chose to repurpose two groups of precious pieces into repurposed magnets. One, a collection of stones and geodes that I have picked up over the years from road trips. The other set of magnets I created are glam holiday-inspired fridge décor made from an old brooch and two clip-on earrings that had lost their mates.

I think that these magnets turned out great! They also act as a cute gift to give someone just in time for the holidays!

Some other things you could repurpose are: seashells, broken keychains, Polaroids, spare buttons, holiday ornaments, baby pinecones, small plastic toys, puzzle pieces, extra markers from jumbled board games, pogs, bottle caps, old keys, and dice.

Follow along for this super easy do-it-yourself project!

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