Repurposed Clementine Crate

| 3/17/2015 11:06:00 AM

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Clementine Crate Spices

This is one of my favorite DIY crafts. I've been decorating Clementine crates since I was a student in college. They make great little storage containers and organizers! The process is very involved (lots of layers of paint plus drying time) but it's worth it. I've made six so far: two hold tea, two hold spices, one holds paperwork and the last one was turned into a little decorative wall shelf.

The clementine crate DIY combines two of my favorite crafts: painting and collaging (also called decoupage). It's also very cheap DIY: I have never needed to purchase supplies for just this project (other than the crate of clementines). When buying your clementines, try to pick out the best crate available - they're not all created equal!

To make your own repurposed clementine crate you will need:

• 1 wooden clementine crate
• Acrylic paint
• Collage materials (magazine clippings, wrapping paper, junk mail, stationery, tissue paper)
• Sharpie marker(s)
• Cotton swabs
• Mod Podge sealer
• Brushes
• Scissors
• Sandpaper (optional)
• Pliers (optional)

Gather your materials, let's DIY!

First, inspect your crate. Make sure there are no sharp edges or staples that could poke you. If there are, sand or remove with pliers.

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