A Guide to Replacing Window Panes

A guide to fixing windows and replacing window panes, includes step-by-step instructions and diagrams.

| January/February 1988

This step-by-step guide shows you what you need to know when replacing window panes. (See diagrams 1 through 10 in the image gallery.)

A Guide to Replacing Window Panes

1) If the glass is shattered, use heavy leather gloves and remove the remaining shards. If the pane is cracked but intact, leave it in place until you've removed the glazing compound from around it.

2) With a sharp wood chisel, remove the old glazing compound. The putty may be difficult to chip away, but it must be removed to expose the wood. Take care not to cut into the wood frame.

3) Remove the triangular glazier's points and any remaining glass or debris from the frame. Then, sand or scrape the groove clean.

4) Apply a coat of linseed oil or primer paint to the groove of the frame. This prevents the oil in the glazing compound from soaking into the wood and drying the compound prematurely.

5) Cut a new pane of glass slightly smaller than the frame opening. You can make a glass-cutting jig by attaching a strip of hardwood to a plywood sheet. Use it by positioning the glass and a rafter square against the strip; make a single stroke against one leg of the square with the glass cutter, then move the scored line to the edge of the plywood and tap the line to break the glass cleanly.

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