Turn an Old Camper into a Recycled Hen House

A thrifty homesteader from Oregon transformed an old, junky camper into a snug hen house.

| August/September 2014

I built a henhouse 20 years ago, and eventually the only thing holding it together was the chicken poop on the floor. I went on a mission to find the perfect upgrade.

I found an old camper on Craigslist that wasn’t in good enough shape for a person to live in, but it turned out to be perfect for my hens. I purchased it for $200, which is less than half the price I had paid for materials to build a coop from scratch 20 years earlier.

I used peeled poles to roll the camper-turned-henhouse into place. I used a Sawzall saw to take out the stove, water tank and heater, remove the cabinet doors, and cut holes in the closets to create perfect nesting boxes. Finally, I cut the back out of the battery box and added a ramp for the girls to come and go as they please. My hens love their custom “glamping” (glamorous camping) setup in this funky recycled henhouse.

Karen Denman
Rogue River, Oregon

7/15/2016 10:41:25 PM

I have an old camper I've been wanting to do this too...would love to see the inside set-up

7/8/2016 1:21:58 PM

My husband converted an old trailer into a chicken coop for our 26 chickens. He gutted the whole thing and then lined the whole floor, wheel wells, and two feet up the walls with galvanized steel sheeting. I use a deep litter method on the floor, so it doesn't get to moist (which would create rust). The bathroom area is being used for the chicken food, DE, scratch and tools. The closet is holding a bale of hay for the floor & nests. My husband found a couple of old wooden ladders and laid them out on both sides of the trailer for roosts.

7/6/2016 12:42:43 PM

Pre-1990 campers often have asbestos in the tile floors. Not a good idea to have chickens scratching around on that, or to be pulling it up yourself.

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