Recycled Denim Jean Crafts: Jean Bag, Cobbler and Workshop Aprons

These recycled denim jean crafts create a jean bag, cobbler's apron and a men's workshop apron from used jeans.

| May/June 1978

These recycled denim jean crafts make durable items from used jeans.

These recycled denim jean crafts make durable items from used jeans.


Learn about making recycled denim jean crafts and how you can create usable items from used jeans.

Try These Recycled Denim Jean Crafts

I couldn't do it. I just couldn't bring myself to throw out those laced bell-bottom jeans that were taking up space in the bottom drawer of my dresser . . . although I knew that I should. After all, they were not only out of style . . . but, recently, they had somehow gotten snug in places. (I don't want to talk any more about that.) Clearly, there was no place for them in my wardrobe.

Nevertheless, the jeans were still bright in color and rugged . . . and with those flashy grommets and white lacings, they were just too spiffy to give to the scarecrow. In the end, frugality won out over temptation and — instead of banishing the pants to the trash — I embarked on another of my "leftovers" projects. Result: My old bell-bottoms metamorphosed into a cobbler's apron and a nifty "jean-bag" (see accompanying photos in the image gallery).

Maybe you'd like to recycle a pair of pants or two yourself if — like me — you've gotten "too big for yer britches". It's easy! Here's how.

The Cobbler's Jean Apron Craft

First cut away the top of the jeans from the legs and set the top part aside (Figure 1 in the image gallery). Next, rip out the hems and inseam of each leg. (Note: The inseam is often seam with a lock stitch which — if undone from the proper end — will pull out in one continuous thread.) Pin the two opened-up leg pieces together, wrong sides facing in. Leave the sideseams intact.

Now make a pattern similar to the one shown in Figure 1 (the exact dimensions are not important). Pin this pattern to the still-pinned-together leg pieces and cut around it. (Cut neck and waist tie-strings — and maybe even a pocket or two, if there's enough material — from the remaining fabric, as shown in Figure 1 and the photos.)

heidi hunt_2
1/2/2008 4:43:11 PM

The pictures are in the Image Gallery at the top right of the article.

1/2/2008 4:31:35 PM

where are the pictures that you talk about??? The ones for the jeans cobbler apron.

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