What Do You Think of Rechargeable Tool Packages?

| 5/4/2009 10:55:54 AM

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I’ve recently started testing the Power 8 Workshop. This 18-volt rechargeable tool package includes a circular saw, drill/driver, jigsaw and flashlight. The setup includes two batteries and the charging station. But the thing that really sets this package apart is that you can attach the power tools to a small table (it also functions as a toolbox) to make a small table saw, drill press and scroll saw.

I haven’t tested the tabletop features yet, but I’ve drilled pilot holes for screws and driven up to 3-inch screws with the drill/driver. The keyless chuck is convenient. The batteries recharge quickly; I haven’t had to stop working to wait for a fresh battery.

The blade of the circular saw is to the left of the handle — an important safety feature that most saws don’t have. It takes a little bit of getting used to, but it’s a good feature. The saw cuts just deep enough to get through a 2-by-4. Sometimes it leaves a sixteenth inch of wood at the bottom of the cut. Cutting dry cedar 1-by-6s was easy.

Have you seen similar rechargeable tool packages or tried the Power 8 Workshop? How do you like them?

Browne C Altman
6/8/2009 2:26:57 PM

The higher voltage systems are well worth the price. Those with lithium-ion batteries are light weight for there power aand they recharge very quickly. The Power8workshop system would be especially handy on a cruising boat. There always seem to be repairs that could be done with haveing to return home if only you had at least one of these tools. This is going to be my nest purchase. Check the price at amazon.com and save $100.00.

Glen Graham
6/3/2009 12:53:05 PM

I bought a 12v set because with a little tinkering (just some wires from the tool power terminals and clips on the other end), I have almost unlimited power from my 12v auto or boat batteries. Not as powerful as the higher voltage kits, but I never, ever have run out of charge when working on or near a 12v source.

5/11/2009 8:19:39 AM

Have been using a craftsman 19.2V set for about 6 years now, and it is still going strong apart from a couple of problems... The major issue has been the small size of the circular saw blade (5" IIRC). The blades wear out very quickly - it is amazing the difference a dull blade makes to the battery life. Before replacing a blade, I can cut through about 6 2x4s before the battery is toast. With a fresh blade it will do 40+ 2x4s before needing a charge. One other thing has been the NiCd batteries. They can only go through so many charges before starting to die. New ones can be had online for $20 though, so I'll keep replacing them every couple of years (and of course recycling the old ones) until they're no longer available. I have heard good things about the newer lithium battery driven devices, but they're a lot more expensive.

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