Q & A: Getting Started with a Green Remodel

| July/August 2007


Genevieve Gorder, celebrity designer, shares tips on do-it-yourself green remodeling.

Floor & Decor Outlets of America

Mother Earth Living recently spoke with Genevieve Gorder, celebrity designer from television's Trading Spaces, Town Haul. Genevieve grew up remodeling homes with her family and has been preserving homes and using salvaged materials ever since. Her fun-loving approach to interior design and working barefoot are her trademarks. Floor & Decor Outlets of America, specializing in hard flooring products, recently chose Genevieve as spokesperson as the company expands nationwide. Here's what she had to say about do-it-yourself green remodeling.

What is it about DIY that makes it fun and rewarding?

I think that it can feel like a laborious process, but the reward is that you have an environment that is designed by you for you. That's precious. That is absolutely what it should be. Your personality should be tangible in a space and only you can do that. Once you're educated and become knowledgeable enough, it's baby steps. It's going to stores like Floor & D?cor and other stores that partner with you that make the process less daunting. And I always recommend scouting out what you want to do online before you go anywhere?so you know your stuff. Be smart about it. Then you can have fun.

What would you say to people who don't think they have the right skills or personality for DIY projects?

All of that is really based around fear: the fear of the unknown and making the wrong decision with materials and design products. People often think of all these things as having so much permanence that they're stuck if they make the wrong decision. The Internet makes it a lot easier to find products. You can check out different prices or what not. I think that the Internet is the greatest DIY tool there is.

What are the best first steps for a DIYer or home owner to take if they'd like to 'go green'?

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