Packaging Humor Material is Smart Business

Market cartoon-illustrated humor scripts for maximum profit.

| January/February 1970

Mailing Letters

Pitch humor and illustrations as packages to editors.

Photo by Fotolia/Fusolino

Generally speaking, there are two ways to market cartoon-illustrated humor scripts. Either you simply put the finished script and illustrations into the envelope, add a self-addressed, stamped return envelope, and promptly mail. Or you write a letter, querying the editor about his possible interest in your humor piece, briefly describing it and its slant.

Although I have used both methods, I am inclined to believe the first method very often brings home the bacon since humor is almost impossible to adequately "describe" — and seeing the finished script sometimes overcomes any latent hesitation an editor might have if he had to visualize, imaginatively, a piece described.

However, should you like to try the query method, here is the sort of letter I usually write:

Dear Mr. (Name):

Would your book be interested in seeing, on spec, a 1,500 word humor piece, complete with three cartoon illustrations as a package deal? Primarily, this piece is a lightly handled account of (and describe your subject, matter, theme, and conclusion) which I think might very well offer your editorial change-of-pace and entertainment for your readers.

Sincerely yours.

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