Time to Clean Out or Organize Your Home

| 1/8/2010 1:53:58 PM

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January — the month of resolutions and a time to review priorities. Cleaning and organizing my workshop area comes to mind. It’s a mess! I moved to this house about nine months ago, and have never fully unpacked and organized all of the workshop tools and accoutrements. There are open boxes everywhere filled with whatever was easiest to grab and put in the box. What I need is an organization system for all of the stuff. But those cute little plastic boxes at the home improvement store are expensive!!

So, a friend has come up with an idea. His wife cuts the bottoms from cereal boxes, about 4 inches up, as organizing boxes. What a fabulous use for something that would otherwise be trash! I’m definitely going to give this a try.

Do you have any creative organizing tricks you’ve used successfully? If so, tell us about it in the comments below.

1/27/2010 9:24:21 AM

the folgers containers can be used at the washer/dryer for a change/junk holder or a pen/pencil holder for on the desk or on my counter where everyone drops every pen they own and then can't find one when they are running for work or school. They are good to hold rice, pasta, partial bags of cereal and crackers in the summer. They make good containers in the shop too. This size is large but will hold ribbon spools and yarn or use one on your counter when you are peeling and working making dinner as your "slop bucket". I keep a large scrap bucket on the end of the counter to take to the chickens in the morning its nice to have the cover on it. Laurie

rose reyes_1
1/19/2010 9:24:39 AM

does anyone out there have any ideas as to what I could use the Folgers plastic cans for.I am sure there a lot uses for them but my mind is blank I have no ideas.Please help,i have collected a few I try to recycle as many things I can but no clue as to what to do with them.. Thank you rose

Dawn Pfahl
1/17/2010 12:22:19 PM

We've found various ways to reduce clutter. I've made an investment in a pair of small organizer drawers, which are stacked on my desk and labeled - bills, paychecks, reciepts, etc. Every week I go through the mail, take care of bills or other things that need a reply, and then file everything. Once every 2-3 months as the drawers fill up I sort through them and remove extra paper (take statements out of envelopes, etc), and at tax time, the whole thing should get cleaned out for next year. Another thing I like to do is re-use neat packaging - tins, boxes, etc. I recently repainted a nice deep heart shaped box that used to hold valentine's candy, and re-purposed it as a small shelf for some of my trinkets, with some braided yarn and a thumbtack to hold it to the wall. It saved money on buying a decorative shelf, and the lid hangs above it; a matched set!

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