Old Fashioned Toys From Christmas Past

Wood, thread spools, simple fasteners, cloth, and wire are all you'll need to make these old fashioned toys that have stood the test of time.

| November/December 1978

old fashioned toys - wooden duck photo

The concept for the wooden pull duck is similar to the dog, but only has one set of wheels.


Christmas (the season of sharing) isn't really Christmas unless you give a few toys to all those special "little folks" on your list. And here are some good, old fashioned toys that you can make yourself from hardly more than odds and ends lying around the shop.

Wooden Duck, Car and Dog

"When it comes to the construction of toys," says Billie R. Tyler of Otis, Oregon, "nothing beats the strength and reliability of a solid chunk of wood." And solid chunks of wood are exactly what Mr. Tyler uses in the three playthings that he's designed especially for toddlers.

The duck is made by tracing its pattern onto a 3/4"-thick piece of pine board that is at least 5 inches long and 3 inches wide.

Cut the wood to shape, drill a 3/8" hole through the duck's body, and sand the body smooth. The bird's wings and eyes are then burned or painted on each side of the piece of wood and (if painted) allowed to dry before the body is given a good protective coat of polyurethane.

Scrounge up a wooden spool, cut it in half, and cut a piece of 5/16" dowel to a length of 2 1/8". Securely glue one end of the dowel inside one half of the spool (so that the ends of both are flush). Then slip the "axle" through the hole in the duck's body, glue on the other half of the spool and check for free rotation of the wheels.

Paint the exposed portions of the wheels and axle with the polyurethane, screw a small "eye" into the front of the duck, tie on a stout string and the toy is complete (See Diagram).

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