Car Repair Tips: Mechanic Frequently Asked Questions and How to Read an Oil Can

Mechanic frequently asked questions about car engines, including problems with alternators, what is vapor lock and how to read an oil can.

| December 1996/January 1997

Mary Jackson examines mechanic frequently asked questions and how to read an oil can. 

Q: What should I do if the alternator light comes on? 

A: An activated alternator or battery light means more electricity is being used than is being replaced. The good news is with this mechanic frequently asked question—it's probably not fatal—just massively inconvenient. The rule is to keep driving until you reach a service station. Turn off as many electricity-draining accessories as you safely can. The hardest thing the electrical system has to do is start the car, so don't turn the engine off unless it's absolutely necessary.

Warning! If the temperature light comes on at the same time the alternator light is on (or simply by itself), stop the car as soon as you can. The same belt that drives the alternator often drives the water pump. If the water pump stops working, it won't be long before the engine overheats and its internal parts melt. The result will be major damage and expensive repairs.

Q: What is vapor lock? 

A: The additives in today's gasoline have raised its volatility, which is the ability to change from a liquid to a vapor. During hot weather, gasoline may actually boil, causing it to stop flowing. The result is vapor lock; the engine is deprived of fuel and lets you know with symptoms such as rough running, loss of power, and in some instances, stalling.

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Good tips about the car repair, as per the driving of a car the repair also need to be know. So what type of repair or maintenance should done for the car is most important, after driving the car for a long time what type of maintenance should done or when getting any problem then how to know and solve the problems. At the time of servicing a car in a service center always follow what type of things need to be change.

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