How to Make Candle Molds Out of Snow and Ice

Here is a short piece on how to make candle molds out of snow and ice for unique holiday candles.

| January/February 1976

Cold weather and candlelight go together like that old horse and carriage, so it's sort of fitting that winter offers ready-made molds for good, earthy candles.

Snow is a natural mold for the pouring of candles. You can make any shape or size you want, and every piece is a one of a kind original. Unusual forms — even undercuts — are no problem, because a finished candle doesn't have to slip out of a rigid mold — once it has hardened, you can just dig it out of its drift!

Ice can be used to make some good forms, too, though you have to work a little harder to get it ready for your wax. On the other hand, all you have to do to start an ice mold is set a container of water outside to freeze, so it's really a pretty easy process.

Cold weather candles don't have to be made on a frozen, blowy hillside. You can work either directly in the outside snow or gather a bucketful and bring it inside where it's warm. Inside is more comfortable, of course, but you do have to work a little faster so your mold won't melt in mid project.

Just about everybody knows the basic materials needed for candle making: treated wax or remelted candles, good quality wicking rather than string or twine, wax base dyes, and oil base scents. You should already be familiar with these necessities of candle craft before you start splashing wax around in the snowdrifts. (If you need information on simple candle making, see "More on Candle making" in MOTHER NO. 13.)

The wax for snow- and ice-molded candles does not have to reach a particularly high temperature so long as it's completely molten and hot enough for the dye to mix well. To make your snow mold, simply dig out the shape you want and pack and smooth the inside wall. (If there are holes in the surface, wax will run through and you'll lose some or end up with irregularities that you'll have to remove later.)

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