Make A DIY Painted Coffee Mug

| 6/10/2016 6:34:00 AM

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Father's Day Gift Mugshot

The coffee mug pictured above was created nearly 20 years ago by my children (and me) for their father (my husband). I took these photos just the other day. I’d say their precious gift has survived rather well, though it’s been used as a pencil holder rather than a drinking mug. The main drawback of the paints I picture below is that they tend to fade with wear and washing. As decoration, they obviously fare rather well.

To make this gift really special, I had each of our children create a drawing on paper for me to recreate on the mug. The kids were then 8, 5, and 11 years old (in order, left to right, according to the art above).

I didn’t want them working directly on the mug for reasons of both health and esthetics. I felt fairly strongly that we could transfer their art, because I’m really good at copying. If you don’t choose to take this same route, there are places online that will reproduce your photo on a mug (or other products). In fact, one year we gave dad a mug with a photo of the four of us in our Halloween regalia. I’m sure you could also scan a drawing and send that in for your mug.

What continues to make this such a wonderful gift is that it truly is a snapshot of time. I can clearly grasp the period each child was in when they drew their pictures — Catyana was all vibrant colors and graphic movement, Khymba was into puzzles and shapes, Kellin was creating islands and planets with complex storylines. I am also drawn back to the years when I was painting on glass and ceramics, because it fit in with my otherwise full-time homeschooling and parenting schedule.

How to Make a Hand-Painted Mug

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