Build Your Own Low-Cost Wall Rack

Build a low-cost wall rack and free up space in the pantry with these plans and instructions.

| November/December 1983

You don't need a fine workshop to build these problem-solving projects!

You say you're up to your boot tops in cans, cartons, bottles, and jars of food . . . because there's no place in your kitchen to store them all? You tell me you need some shelves . . . maybe an attractive, inexpensive wall rack to take care of the clutter? You say you'd like to build one yourself, but you have few tools, little carpentry experience, and no workbench? Is that what's bothering you, friend? Well, buck up, because we recently faced that same situation at our house!

With the pantry filled to bursting, we needed more kitchen storage space. The wall rack that I found myself trying to design had to meet the usual criteria of being reasonably eye appealing and low-cost, and — in addition — it needed to be:

[1] strong enough to support 60 or 70 pounds of food,

[2] built with a minimum of equipment (and skill), and

[3] constructed right on the kitchen table . . . because I had no other indoor work area, and the temperature outside was -15 degrees Fahrenheit.

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