Installing A Dead Bolt Lock

This illustrated guide gives you step-by-step instructions and illustrations on installing a dead bolt lock.

| May/June 1988

Illustrated guide to installing a dead bolt lock, a basic home security feature. 

Installing A Dead Bolt Lock

1. To position the dead bolt, measure along the edge of the door to a point 40 inches to 45 inches above the floor, and mark a height line with a pencil. If the dead bolt is to be used with an existing doorknob, position it 4 inches to 6 inches above the knob.

2. Place the paper template provided by the lock manufacturer on the height line, and mark the center points for the latch bolt and cylinder holes.

3. Bore the cylinder hole to the diameter specified on the lock kit instruction sheet. First drill 1/8 inch pilot hole through the door; then carefully guide a hole saw from both sides to complete the opening.

4. Use a spade or auger bit to bore the latch bolt hole to the size indicated on the instruction sheet.

5 Insert the dead bolt latch into the hole, and trace an outline around the faceplate.

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