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| 9/11/2009 3:53:03 PM

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How-to online videos are great for help with just about any DIY project. Think of them as a primary resource — there is a lot more to videos on the Internet than funny animal stunts, embarrassing moments for celebrities and TV shows that have long been off the air.

Some how to online videos are quick and to the point, others are longer and more detailed, but all will help you in accomplishing the final project whether it’s building a garage workbench, replacing a shingle, building a handy laptop stand, constructing a bookcase, changing your car oil or building the coolest Star Wars bed you’ll ever see. Plus you might get some inspiring ideas for similar projects you’d like to build.

How to Build a Garage Workbench
The garage workbench video is extremely helpful and detailed, even though it’s on the long side for an online DIY video, at almost nine minutes. The video says that building the workbench only takes two hours and costs around $50 in supplies, which you may already have some of. Plus, a garage workbench will give you a place to work on future DIY projects.

Replacing an Asphalt Shingle
This quick and easy video shows you how to replace a three-tab asphalt shingle on your roof in a matter of seconds. As the video says, “the hardest part about the job is getting on and off the ladder.” This video will give you the confidence you need to climb up there and replace old shingles yourself. But remember safety first: Make sure you’re not climbing on the roof of your house while no one else is home before you start your shingle repair.

How to Build a Laptop Stand
The Instructables website is a goldmine for any do-it-yourselfer. There are easy-to-search DIY categories from crafts to science. This particular video is longer, but well-worth the time. The project requires some metal work and a wider range of tools, but the Instructables website provides step-by-step photos and written instructions to go along with the video. This new piece of furniture functions as an adjustable laptop stand or a handy mini-table for snacks and beverages.

How to Build a Bookcase
The bookcase video comes from the DIY Network, so it’s polished, professional and easy to follow. The video shows you how to build a quick and simple bookcase for any place in your home. The instructions are simply and the finished product looks store-bought.

5/27/2018 1:13:47 AM

I used the plans at WWW.EASYWOODWORK.ORG to make my own – I highly recommend you visit that website and check their plans out too. They are detailed and super easy to read and understand unlike several others I found online. The amount of plans there is mind-boggling… there’s like 16,000 plans or something like that for tons of different projects. Definitely enough to keep me busy with projects for many more years to come haha. Go to WWW.EASYWOODWORK.ORG if you want some additional plans :)

linda hale
9/23/2009 8:17:59 AM

Try adding a cool tools link for jewelry and sculpture. Precious metal clay is available in fine silver, copper, and bronze. People need to make things for Christmas, birthdays, etc... I just viewed an easy video on making a copper necklace and pendant, for example.

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