DIY Homemade Toys: Tug Boat

Making homemade toys can bring simple joy to your family. Try these DIY steps to make a tug boat for the bathtub.

January 7, 2014

By Jim Makowicki

Homemade toys can become cherished family heirlooms as future generations enjoy your simple endeavors. Making Heirloom Toys (The Taunton Press, 1996) offers 22 simple projects that are sure to please children and creators alike. Author Jim Makowicki supplies simple instructions and clear diagrams to aid the process. This excerpt, labeled “Project 2” is a tug boat, which can be a popular bathtub toy.

Making Heirloom Toys

It’s hard to imagine a more perfect subject for a homemade toy than a tug boat. Working tug boats look just like toys as they tow long barges or push huge commercial liners into moorings. My design has exaggerated features — a chunky hull and oversized cabin and smokestack — and is painted in bright colors to accentuate the playful image. Tug boats were always a highlight of my childhood visits to Staten Island, New York. Now they can be the highlight of your 3-year-old’s visits to the bathtub.