Homegrown Music: Home Jam Sessions

This installment of a continuing feature on homegrown music discusses the entertainment and educational value of holding impromptu home jam sessions.

| September/October 1978

Even homesteaders need to relax and enjoy themselves from time to time, right? And almost everybody these days wants to cut his or her cost of living. So how about a little do-it-yourself entertainment?

That's what this column is about. Homegrown music... and sometimes homemade musical instruments to play it on.

Have you ever gone to a musical concert and noticed how much fun the performers seemed to be having? Well, you could be having that fun yourself ... in your own living room ... for free! Just start makin' your own music—preferably with friends—instead of shellin' out good money so that someone else (professional musicians) can have all the fun.

Do-it-yourself entertainment is much the same as do-it-yourself building a house, do-it-yourself growing a garden, do-it-yourself raising of livestock, or do-it-yourself anything else: It's simply more satisfying when you do it with your own two hands than when you pay someone else to do it for you.

There are other benefits to holding down-home jam sessions in your front room or out on the porch too: [1] As I've already mentioned, you'll be saving money, [2] you'll be staying off the highway and the streets, [3] you'll be building up priceless relationships with interesting folks right there in your own neighborhood, and [4] you'll never need to hire a babysitter or otherwise worry about what to do with the children ( sing the youngsters to sleep and then knock yourself out with a few of your favorite tunes).

Hoots Can Happen Anywhere, Any Time, With Anybody

Of course, there's no law which specifically states that you have to wait for your regular evening social get-togethers if you want to have a session of music-makin'. Not if you have a family. Remember: A jam is nothin' but two people (any two people) or more gettin' together for the purpose of committin' music. Any kind of music.

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