Finding Your Dream Farm: Ideas From Our Facebook Friends

Friends in our Facebook community have identified important factors to consider, from water availability to local road integrity, when looking for your dream farm.

| February 18, 2013

Purchasing the right property for your dream farm is a difficult decision with plenty of varying factors to consider. For our Facebook question of the week, we asked you, “If you've managed to buy a small farm, what advice would you give to others who want to do the same?” and here is what you told us.

April Peterson Animals and gardens depend on water. Understand where yours will come from and what legal limitations are on its use. Study your state’s water laws before you select your property. 

Elisa Hahn Boe Test your water for quality and availability. Some water is bad enough it can't be fixed and a farmstead that hauls in water won't last long. And, if you have no water pressure, or a very low water table in the summer, you will regret your purchase quickly.

Julia Ford Bolin Have the property surveyed so you know where your boundaries are located. 

Joybilee Farm Talk to the neighbors about their gardens and find out how many frost-free days you can expect. Make sure there is a good source of water and that the water is year-round, not seasonal. Make sure the place is zoned for livestock.

Colleen Hajek My advice is to buy land in a gorgeous state, full of nearby recreational activities and beauty, because you won’t be able to get away often. At least the beauty and recreational activities will be within close driving distance. 

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