DIY Heated Pet Water Bowl

An inventive way to heat a pet's outdoor water dish.

| April/May 1999

MOTHER'S readers send in their best tips.

I recently had to devise a method for heating my dog's water. I took an old steel tube, about 3 1/2" in diameter and capped on one end, dropped it into the water tub, attached it to the side, then dropped a few lit charcoal briquettes in. Voila—instant submersion heater!

I use plumber's strap to hold it ...loosely. That way I can slide it out to dump the ashes. Works like a champ-even better, in fact, now that I've put a baffle down the center of the tube and angled the tube for better drafting of the rising hot air.

Another option would be to recover an RV water heater burner tube. All you would need is a cutting torch, some plumber's strap, and a piece of tin or aluminum siding (to extend the internal baffle). Be sure to remember to empty tie ashes before the water refreezes. That way, your heater will be ready for tie next refill when you are.

Thought it might be a useful idea, since it worked so well for me.

Jeff Frusha
Commerce, Texas

9/27/2017 9:47:19 PM

You want us to put a piece of 3" carbon steel pipe (3" pipe measures 3-5/8" od.) that has a pipe cap on it into our pet's water. It's going to get rusty after awhile. On top of that you have to burn the paint off of it first. How would you like to drink water running through steel pipe?Personally, I would just get a heated water bowl.

9/27/2017 10:41:40 AM

Do you need to do anything to insure the water doesn't get too warm for the animal to drink?

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